Farm Sim 17 Dedicated Logging Server (PC)

Server Status : ONLINE 
Total Map Real Time Gameplay:
Game Version:
Multiplayer Slots Available: 8
Map Running: Goldcrest Valley
Difficulty: Normal
IP: Port 18000
Matchmaking Server: International
Game Language: English

Mods Activated:  Mods are activated. See the following link for a current list and download links. Download all updated mods here. 

Please Note that due to the infrastructure and work being done, it is a longer than usual load time as there’s alot of changes from your vanilla server. It is worth the wait.

“The Lot”


In field 4 you’ll find the main work yard or the lot. Features include a power wash and fuel station, heating plants, storage silos for wood chips and other wood products such as palletized lumber. Also on site is a mechanics shop, sawmill and secondary Heating Plant for overflow.

Today’s Jobs

More detailed jobs with reward points are available on the official FS17 Dedicated Server App. 
Download here and enter pin code 32756030 to accept jobs and earn points in the leaderboard.

Clear Cutting Operations: With FS19 now out it’s far from suitable to get better than the setup we have here with the mods and whatnot. Until then we’ll rock out the rest of the map. You’ll soon see what areas are being cut. Simply continue the work. You can use the harvester to cut, the auto loading buffalo’s to get the logs out of the woods and by the road and then use the Mac’s with auto load to make a nice pile somewhere. Make a large pile and mark it with a floodlight trailer from the lot.

The Saw Mill : On site in the main yard you’ll find our saw mill. It’s been reconfigured to self feed for long periods of time. Simply feed it logs and pine planks are produced in palletized form. These are then stored in the large building by the yard chipper. Deliver the finished wood to the Mill .

Poplar Production : Poplar planting and harvesting has come to a close.

NEW Three Point Plant : This facility occupies part of field 27. There you’ll find a Xylochip 500T chipper feeding a set of conveyors in a 50 degree swath of chips. Three small conveyors feed three heating plants from the pile which when up and running continuously generates revenue.  A small stand of spruce is nearby for easy harvesting , simply harvest trees into 8m lengths, use the auto loading trailer to pick up and deliver to the chipper. Back the auto loader trailer into one of the bays of the chipper and offload to the opposite side into the storage bin. To load the chipper simply use the auto loader to load from the storage bin then offload to the other side of the trailer into the chipper. This method chips thousands of logs per hour. For a more hands on approach the Fast Track with the RG20 grapple works great for placing the logs into the chipper as well.

Attached to the plant is a 400,000 liter storage facility. Simply swing over the main conveyor to fill it. To empty park the nearby Man 37 truck and trailer under the fill spout then empty in place. The nearby conveyor will pick it up and deliver it via a series of belts to the heating plants.

8-300 The new gold standard is here. We’ve adopted this standard for the basis of our logging operations. All trees are cut to 8m lengths with anything over 300mm in diameter sent to the mill. Anything close to 300 and below gets chipped at our facility and stored for future use. We never round down.

Server Guidelines

Full On Forestry is home to a small mature dedicated group. Simply use common sense and decency. Don’t take vehicles and tools others are using as they may be using several tools and vehicles to complete a job. Ask first if they are using that gear. Things are kept very organized and tidy…please keep it that way. You’ll have a much better time playing co-cooperatively with other like minded people. Users who are disruptive will be removed from the server.

Useful Tools

Dedi App 17 : With the official Farming Simulator 17 Dedicated Server App it is easy to connect to your friends playing on a dedicated server. Keep tabs on what’s going on in the game with the live map while you are away. Create and share events on the integrated calendar and chat with your friends over the app or check your server status. Download here and enter pin code 32756030

Discord:  All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. Download here

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